Dispute Resolution

Avoiding costs and delay


Apart from the times where only adjudication, arbitration or litigation is inevitable, other options may provide a less painful solution.

Shilcocks can advise on the most appropriate route, be it mediation, negotiation, expert determination, or determination by a tribunal.

We can act on your behalf or can provide the appropriate person to resolve the dispute between the parties.

Dispute (plural disputes)


From Middle English disputen < Old French desputer (French disputer) < Latin disputare ("'to dispute, discuss, examine, compute, estimate'") < dis- ("'apart'") + putare ("'to reckon, consider, think, orig. make clean, clear up'").

  1. An argument or disagreement, a failure to agree.
  2. Verbal controversy; contest by opposing argument or expression of opposing views or claims; controversial discussion; altercation; debate.
  3. Contest; struggle; quarrel.

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